Introducing the YMCA: CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland

CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland was founded in 1875. It is an umbrella organisation of 58 local YMCAs. It is a sub-region and part of CVJM Westbund. CVJM Westbund is one of the 13 member movements in CVJM Gesamtverband Deutschland, the nationwide umbrella organization of YMCAs in Germany.

Siegerland covers the western part of Siegen-Wittgenstein county (approx. 250,000 inhabitants) in the south of North-Rhine-Westphalia, bordering the counties of Hessen and Rhineland-Pfalz . Main City is Siegen with 105,000 inhabitants.


CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland is part of the worldwide YMCA movement based on the "Paris Basis" of 1855 which says:

"The Young Men's Christian Associations seek to unite those young men who, regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Savior, according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to be his disciples in their faith and in their life and to associate their efforts for the extension of His Kingdom amongst young men."

In the local CVJMs there are programs run especially for kids, teens, and young adults. In weekly groups and camps in vacation the volunteers offer a holistic program. Special branches are brass groups and sports groups (athletics, volleyball, soccer,…)

CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland supports the work of the local CVJMs by educating volunteers, offering special training for certain branches, preaching, counseling, offering administrative support, networking and caring for public relation.

Almost 5,000 people are members of local CVJM plus another 5,000 people are attending the groups. YMCA is a Non-Profit-Organization partly financed by fees and mainly financed by donations.

Today CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland employs five staff as YMCA Secretaries. Head Office is in Wilnsdorf-Wilgersdorf (Germany). The Head Office is located in the CVJM Jugendbildungsstätte Siegerland a Youth Hostel and Training Center. The CVJM Jugendbildungsstätte Siegerland offers 47 rooms for guests with in total140 Beds, 14 Seminary Rooms and a sports hall that can also be used as a congregation hall and conference site. The team running the CVJM Jugendbildungsstätte covers more than 20 staff and volunteers.

Branches in local YMCAs


Jungschar (Scout):
A group of kids from 8 to 13 years which usually meet weekly for Bible reading, singing, playing, drama and much more. Special programs like camps are run in vacations.


Girls Groups:

Many YMCAs in Siegerland run groups especially for girls usually at the age from 13 to 17 years. The program is full of variety, ranging from bowling or cooking together to talking about the Bible, Christian believe and life. Developing gender-related issues and personality.

Boys Groups:

Many YMCAs in Siegerland also run groups especially for boys usually at the age from 13 to 17 years. The program is also full of variety, developing gender-related issues and personality.

Youth Groups:
Groups of boys and girls mixed ranging from the age of 12 to 18, meeting in the local YMCAs. Once a year there is the opportunity for all youth groups to take part in CVJM-CLUB-CAMP (short C3). C3 is a four-day long, school-free, action-packed camp-weekend for teenagers, which is a CVJM Westbund event for the region of Hessen and Siegerland.



Drop-In-Centers are run in some local YMCAs addressing all young people of the village. Low accessible meeting places offering activities like games, sport activities, snacks and soda. On a regular basis reliable volunteers care for youth offering to link them with other YMCA programs.


Young Adults:
Covering all programs for people from 18 years on. Partly run in regular basis, mostly run on project level. Excursions are part of it as well as services and bible studies.


Brass Choir:
Brass Bands and groups of brass instrument learners are widely spread in Siegerland. Currently there are 63 brass bands with approximately 1400 people playing various brass instruments.


Sport activities are organized in a special association of YMCA including many activities of sports for people of all ages. Mainly following sports are offered: athletics, volleyball, table tennis, soccer, recreation and senior sports.



Branches of CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland


A Four-day program for confirmation groups with their pastors and volunteers from the local CVJM. Bible-studies, workshops, sport and music – and evangelistic approach linking confirmation work of churches to youth work of YMCA. Carried out in CVJM Jugendbildungsstätte Siegerland.


A coaching program supporting teens on their way from school into apprenticeship and job. A job-orientating program including one-to-one-coaching. Taking advantage of the strong network of YMCA members and friends in locals YMCAs, schools, professionals and firms.


meisterhaft leben:
Four people do a SocialBeneficalYear in the CVJM Jugendbildungsstätte. Most young adults would do it after finishing school. A year of personal development, discovering skills and strengths. Working in the CVJM Jugendbildungsstätte and serving the guests, developing practical skills in renovating and care taking of the building and its surroundings. Taking part in projects of youth work living in a common flat, sharing life and believe.


„Just More“:
"Just More" is a youth group that meets every second Sunday inviting youth from the age of 14 years onward. Often youth had attended YMCA training or camps and are now keeping contact. Just More is bible studies, discussions, personal development, projects.


Alliance for Youth Siegen+:
Siegen+ is an alliance of Christians from the Evangelic Churches, from Independent Churches and other Christian communities and the Salvation Army.


YMCA worldwide:
Local YMCAs run partnership programs to local YMCAs in Ghana. CVJM also supports projects worldwide. The spectrum ranges from refugee assistance, to human assistance through financial support to (vocational) training. CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland supports youth going fortraining abroad.

Mission in Prison:
The Siegerland Mission in Prisons is bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ through words and practical help to arrested people. For this purpose there are services held, concerts and other events in the prisons. Beyond detainees who have no contact outside the prison are served with personal contact and assistance. We help families of detainees and support former prisoners integrating in society after a time in prison.


Including the disabled:
The board for integration organizes two events each year inviting (mentally) challenged people.


Senior Y´s:

Monthly there are meetings for YMCAmembers and friends with speeches, discussions and a cup of coffee. Strengthening the community, supporting the one´s in responsibility of YMCA, sharing and caring.



History of CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland

During a period of a strong mission movement in the region the following local YMCA were founded:

1849 Freudenberg

1858 Siegen Höhstraße

1875 Eisern

1875 Niederschelden

1875 Weidenau, Friedrich Flender Platz.
20/01/1876: Conclusion of  CVJM-Kreisverband Siegerland
02/22/1876: First National Conference in Wuppertal-Barmen